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Fleet Asset Management and Maintenance Software

Monitoring a large fleet of vehicles and managing mobile equipment can get extremely challenging when it comes to organizing and allocating preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. NEXGEN’s advanced fleet management features are designed to address the unique challenges of fleet maintenance and management by auto-generating work orders for vehicles and equipment that are due for maintenance. From notifying vehicle owners and equipment operators through self-generated emails to effectively managing fleet asset inventories, this full-featured maintenance software is specifically designed to work as a stand-alone solution.

NEXGEN fleet asset management and maintenance software is a comprehensive solution that includes:

Customizable Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Using the NEXGEN preventive maintenance schedule, fleet managers can stay organized and avoid untimely repairs. It constantly keeps you on top of overdue maintenance tasks and upcoming lube oil and filter assessments. Using the PM schedule, you can assign PM items, filter the equipment using different predefined classes and focus on vital equipment and vehicles while saving time and increasing their service life.

Accurate Reporting

With ready-to-run reports that can be customized in one-click, you can analyze everything right from labor summaries and inventory to downtime and fuel consumption. The transparency, accountability and flexibility that come with this intuitive module, facilitate informed decision making and reliable future planning.

Accurate Labor Cost Tracking

Designed to track all the work performed by your mechanics, contractors and vendors, NEXGEN fleet maintenance software automatically calculates the hourly costs for both parts and labor. As all the rates are plugged into the system, it accurately calculates all the labor costs every time a vehicle is repaired by a vendor or an outside contractor.

Efficient Parts Inventory Tracking

Manage your parts inventory efficiently with accurate information at your fingertips even when parts are stored in multiple shops across locations. Every time parts are used during work orders, the remaining quantity is automatically updated. From tracking low supplies and reordering requirements to performing monthly inventory reviews and coding parts for quick identification, the fleet parts inventory maintenance feature, manages everything in a timely and efficient manner.

Organized Equipment Inventory

Managing a large fleet of vehicles and keeping a constant track of periodic repairs, fuel consumption and preventive maintenance can get downright tedious. But with NEXGEN, you can easily create, store and share work orders, maintenance records, fuel consumption and condition assessments for timely and efficient fleet management.

Bar Code Scanning for Better Inventory Management

When you scan the bar code of any part in your inventory, NEXGEN translates it into a number which is then inserted into the allocated work order for adjustment or return. It also keeps all the printing labels handy for better inventory management.

Tracking Work Orders From Conception to Completion

With NEXGEN, it becomes easy to track work orders from start to finish. It produces accurate reports and keeps you updated on maintenance costs. From a to-do list that keeps you alert for every upcoming assessment to tracking resources and jobs, NEXGEN fleet management software does all this and more!

Systematic Generation of Fleet Service Requests

Responding to service requests coming in from different departments is now easier than ever. Turn service requests into work orders with a single click and track them using custom fields. NEXGEN’s fleet maintenance and management software can be easily integrated into your existing intranet site to facilitate the submission of service requests from customers. This reduces the risk of service requests going unattended and improves the ability to respond in real-time.

Integrated Fuel System

NEXGEN’s fleet maintenance and management software integrates with all major fueling systems available on the market for seamless extracting of transactions. From generating reports for MPG investigation to analyzing data imported from the system, it gives you a detailed summary of the fuel consumed by vehicles across departments. NEXGEN fleet maintenance software is a robust, user-friendly, easy to deploy and efficient system for managing a diversified fleet.

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