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NEXGEN’s professional services team is made up of experienced project managers with backgrounds ranging from asset management to utility management to workflow optimization to public works maintenance to software development and deployment. Many of our project managers are licensed professional engineers. They will always go the extra mile to make sure NEXGEN is implemented correctly the first time. Our number one objective is to make your organization’s asset management goals a reality.

We strive for these three things with every implementation:

  • Comprehensive approach:
    Data migration. 3rd party integrations. Mobile configuration. There are many moving parts involved in a successful implementation. Our dedicated project managers do not rest until every last detail is accounted for and the software is ready for deployment.
  • Gain user buy in:
    Through hands-on training and personalized curriculum, we ensure all new users have confidence in the new system before it is deployed.Once users can see how the software will make their job easier, they will be excited to start using the new system.
  • Maximize operational efficiency:
    Our implementers understand workflow. We will work with your organization to assess your existing workflow, recommend changes if necessary and precisely configure the software to maximize workflow efficiency and minimize downtime.

Core Implementation Services

  • NEXGEN’s project delivery team will plan, schedule and deliver a benchmark project on schedule and within budget. Our certified project managers will use proven tools to track and maintain the schedule and budget.
  • The key to NEXGEN’s performance in meeting customer expectations is our project delivery approach, which formalizes our process steps for successful planning, execution and closeout of projects. Our project delivery approach is a six-step process:
    • Build and charter the team
    • Gain project endorsement
    • Manage project change
    • Develop the work plan
    • Execute the project
    • Close the project
  • Clear project instructions establish communication and provide a roadmap.Our project managers will prepare project instructions at the outset to firmly establish direction and strong communication with the project team. These instructions will provide a roadmap for the project by defining the project requirements, background, goals, objectives, processes, schedule, budget constraints, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures, task descriptions, project team, level of effort, communications plan, documentation guidelines and special areas of concern.
  • Strong leadership and clear lines of communication are critical to success.Our project managers will ensure that communication is maintained among our team members and that assignments are completed on time.Each task leader is responsible for providing a monthly progress report to the project manager that identifies the percentage of tasks completed and budget spent. Progress reports also comment on compliance with schedule and project milestones, identifying problems that may impact schedule, budget or quality of work.
  • Our proven QA/QC processes ensure quality products are delivered on every project. NEXGEN has devoted considerable efforts and resources to implement the principles of integrated performance assurance at all levels of the firm’s operations. This approach integrates the quality assurance functions to reduce risks and ensure that all areas are compliant. Our QA/QC program emphasizes to all employees that quality is not a one-time commitment, but rather is a continuous process of improvement.
  • The most critical step in the implementation process is to understand our clients’ user requirements prior to software implementation. NEXGEN expert implementers typically facilitate user group meetings to document asset management user requirements which are ultimately used to configure the software. In these meetings, we document requirements (i.e. tasks, causes, reports, labor, equipment, etc.) and business processes (i.e. work order, service request, preventive maintenance, parts inventory).
  • Identifying user requirements will ensure the following:
    • A thorough understanding of your organization’s asset management goals
    • Identification of user requirements from each department or division
    • Configuration of NEXGEN Asset Management to fit your organization’s user requirements
    • Generation of reports and key performance indicators to track and measure your organization’s asset management objectives
  • When we understand your business processes, we can make amazing things happen. As part of our implementation approach, NEXGEN maps business processes to guide configuration and training. Our experts work with our clients to identify business process optimization opportunities and to communicate to staff during trainings. It is crucial for organizations to have consistent business practices.
  • The NEXGEN business process task will address the following:
    • Documentation of existing business processes
    • Identification of opportunities to improve work flows and business processes
    • Configuration of NEXGEN Asset Management to fit your organization’s workflows
    • Development of training documents with optimized workflows
    • Communication and staff training to ensure consistent workflow practices
  • Asset inventory. Preventive maintenance schedules. Work order histories. Chances are, your organization has historical data that needs to be preserved and migrated. We can help you with that.
  • Typically, clients have existing data in a previous CMMS or spreadsheet they need migrated over to NEXGEN Asset Management. Asset inventories, work order histories, service request histories, parts warehouse and resources are typical data that clients may choose to migrate to NEXGEN Asset Management to preserve the continuity of their asset management program. NEXGEN’s team of database experts and software developers work closely with clients to identify the best approach to migrating existing data to NEXGEN Asset Management. We will map fields in databases to make sure your data integrity is preserved.
  • Rather start fresh? No problem. We can assist in capturing and importing new data into NEXGEN Asset Management.
  • Our engineers and maintenance staff can assist in capturing asset inventories to develop benchmark maintenance management programs.
  • NEXGEN’s data migration services include the following:
    • Migration from existing CMMS, databases or spreadsheets
    • Capture of data on a spreadsheet or with NEXGEN Asset Management mobile applications
    • Development of maintenance management programs
  • Few software programs on the market are as scalable and configurable as NEXGEN Asset Management. Our trained experts will walk your organization through the configuration process to fit your organization’s user requirements, business processes and workflows. Pull down menus, resources, users and security rights are set up before the client goes live.
  • Standard and ad hoc reports are designed to support your organization’s requirements.Service levels and key performance indicators are measured to monitor asset management performance.
  • We will always ensure our software is precisely configured to maximize your organization’s workflow efficiency.
  • NEXGEN’s configuration services include the following:
    • Configuration of all pull down menus
    • Uploading of resources and user logins
    • Security rights set up for user groups
    • Email or text message workflow notification setup
    • Establishment of service levels and key performance measures that require monitoring
    • Dashboard configuration to fit your organization’s metrics
  • Depending on your organization type, chances are you have many software programs in place to manage different systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Customer Information Systems (CIS), Billing Systems, Fuel Management or SCADA. Our development team will integrate NEXGEN Asset Management with any of these programs for a truly sustainable enterprise asset management system.
  • Learn more about 3rd party integrations.
  • Today, everything is mobile and NEXGEN understands the power of mobilizing your maintenance team. More importantly, we know how to mobilize your maintenance team. NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile is an incredibly powerful tool designed to streamline your organization’s day-to-day operations and we have an experienced staff who will walk you through the setup process from start to finish.
  • NEXGEN’s mobile implementation includes the following:
    • Assist in picking out the right mobile devices for the job
    • Configure mobile devices for field implementation
    • Train field users on mobile devices
    • Test and modify mobile configurations based on your feedback
  • The final and most important step in our implementation process is our professional, hands-on training.
  • We have found one of the biggest hurdles in implementing a new software program is gaining user buy-in from staff who will be using the program on a daily basis. As part of our training process, we meet with all users to explain how NEXGEN Asset Management will make their jobs easier. Once they see how the system will improve their daily job activities, the mood quickly shifts from hesitation to excitement.
  • NEXGEN’s trainings range from comprehensive onsite tailored trainings to quick one hour web refresher courses. Our trainers walk users through all relevant aspects of NEXGEN Asset Management, making sure they are getting the very most out of the system.
  • Learn more about training.

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