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Warehouse Module

Warehouse Module

Become a logistics master with a few clicks of the mouse.

NEXGEN’s Warehouse module is more than a basic parts inventory system – it is a fully featured warehouse management system that is completely integrated with the CMMS. We have designed a highly configurable system that will adapt to your warehouse’s layout and workflow. Give your organization’s warehouse manager the right tools to manage inventory, requisitions, cycle counts and more.

How It Works

Maintain a simple parts inventory system, or manage every aspect of multiple warehouses.

With Warehouse Inventory, your organization can maintain multiple warehouses within a single database. Location hierarchies allow you to easily drill down from an entire warehouse to an individual bin. Simply create tree structures to organize your inventory by category. Inventories are updated in real time and synced with the maintenance management system.

Our unique Stores module allows employees to effortlessly order inventory from within NEXGEN, or through a web portal. Warehouse managers can determine which items are orderable through Stores.

Our straightforward Purchase Order module will let you track every aspect of the purchase order process, from an RFQ to a completed order.

Purchase Requisition manages purchases that require a chain of approval process. Track current and past purchase requisitions with ease. Set up work orders to automatically trigger a requisition when a part is requested from a work order.

Cycle counts also just got a lot easier with NEXGEN’s Cycle Count module. Accurately reconcile inventory using smartphones, tablets or scanners. Our system supports bar code, QR code and RFID scanning for precise inventory control.

NEXGEN’s Receiving module allows the warehouse to easily receive new shipments, make critical adjustments to unaccounted for inventory and process returns.

Warehouse Inventory Highlights

  • Real time parts inventory integrated with maintenance management system
  • Smooth purchase order and receiving processes
  • Supports multiple static and mobile storerooms
  • Seamless integration with most financial systems
  • Bar code and RFID scanning supports quick parts check out and reconciliation processes

Parts Inventory Highlights

  • Asset Inventory integrated with asset management modules for real time life cycle funding forecasts and risk prioritization
  • Collect pertinent asset information to support a comprehensive asset management program
  • Integrated with GIS for graphical interface
  • Linear asset connectivity within the asset inventory
  • Non-linear assets can be rolled up or drilled down to the lowest levels
  • Completely configurable asset attributes based on asset class templates

Purchase Order Highlights

  • Parts that are low in quantities automatically trigger purchase orders that are linked to the preferred vendors
  • Generate purchase orders and parts received for updates in the parts inventory
  • Tracks costs from multiple vendors to compare for the most competitive pricing

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