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Customers Module

Customer Module

Deliver targeted service levels with updated customer information and service request management.

Why use separate software systems for customer information, service request and work order management? We have developed a robust customer information system that is fully integrated with our maintenance and asset management systems. The result is a powerful and customer-centric solution. NEXGEN Asset Management’s Customer module tracks all pertinent customer information and service requests, helping organizations meet or exceed established service levels.

How It Works

Our solution connects customers and maintenance teams like never before.

It sounds simple, but customers left in the dark tend to quickly become unhappy customers. That’s why NEXGEN is designed to communicate with the customer along the entire service request process, from the moment a service request is submitted, to when a work order is created, to when the service request is ultimately closed.

To keep track of maintenance, service requests can be converted into work orders to seamlessly link the history and dispatch maintenance crews for quick response. Service requests can be created directly in NEXGEN Asset Management, or created externally through a variety of platforms, such as 311service.com. If you are already using a service request reporting tool, NEXGEN can integrate with the existing program to import service requests.

Our Service Request module tracks KPIs such as response time and number of days active to ensure service requests are being handled in a timely manner and service levels are being met. This crucial information can be aggregated and translated into useful reports.

For map driven clients, NEXGEN Asset Management’s Customer module leverages the power of GIS. Customers and service requests can be located through a quick search tool that displays records graphically on the GIS map.And service requests can be created by simply dropping a pin on a map.

Customer Information Highlights

  • Fully featured customer information system integrated with maintenance and asset management systems
  • Track customer service levels for performance reports
  • Quick search tools and GIS interfaces allow flexible methods to locate customers records
  • Connect customers and maintenance teams with NEXGEN Service Requests and 311service.com

Service Request Highlights

  • Service requests are dispatched directly to maintenance crews to minimize response time
  • Track and monitor types of service requests from customers
  • Track labor and equipment in service requests
  • Service requests can be converted and linked to work orders
  • Integrate with public service request reporting platforms, like 311service.com

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