Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes cause widespread damage to life and property,
leaving roads, bridges, dams and the transportation system devastated. These debilitating events
make disaster recovery preparedness a necessity. Fortunately, enterprise asset management
software is fully equipped to help public works departments plan and prepare for natural disasters
well in advance. From helping organizations cast a wide safety net and alleviating problems to
limiting risk and executing a disaster recovery plan, EAM software ensures organizations have the
best chance of overcoming a disaster while minimizing economic losses.

Robust and feature-rich enterprise asset management software helps an organization improve
safety, reduce cost and accelerate recovery in such disasters by:

1. Ensuring Business Continuity

Natural disasters are inevitable so when drafting a disaster prevention plan, it is important to
know what you have, in what condition it is and where it is. A fully-loaded enterprise asset
management software system that tracks all the data associated with assets spread across
locations helps pick up the pieces and rebuild a community much faster following a disaster.

2. Limiting Business Risks

Every organization is vulnerable to disasters even if the location has a very low expectancy of
facing a flood, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. Having advanced enterprise asset
management software in place facilitates efficient risk management planning, protects vital
enterprise assets; helps mobilize major resources in real time and offers instant access to true
damage. Maintaining up-to-date and accurate asset records using fully-featured enterprise asset
management software makes it easier to improve safety, avoid disruption of services, and
proactively cut down risks by prioritizing response efforts.

3. Automating Inventory Management

With enterprise asset management software in place, organizations never get caught
unprepared in case a disaster strikes. It lets you record everything on cloud-based EAM software
that ensures all the details are accurately documented and updated in real-time on a secure
database. This eliminates the risk of missing records following a disaster and makes it easier to
recover assets by tracking down inventory.

4. Restoring Key Data

Disasters can devastate assets and inventory leaving no records of what is lost, where it is, and
what needs to be restored or recovered. During recovery, it becomes very difficult to track
documents and inventory if physical documents are also destroyed. Replenishing assets and
restoring operations under the given circumstances becomes almost impossible. This is why
having enterprise asset management software is a necessity – and not an option. With EAM
software, organizations can automate the documentation of every detail without fearing data
loss. From vendor details and inventory levels to asset condition and location, all the information
is recovered so you can forge ahead in every situation.

Simply having enterprise asset management software enables organizations to continue
operations during a disaster and return to optimal efficiency following it. From scheduling
maintenance and service inspections to track asset condition and inventory levels,
organizations can ensure actions can be taken in record time and losses are reduced to a

The robust and efficient features of NEXGEN EAM Software help organizations prepare a failsafe
a disaster recovery plan and also overcome challenges better by ensuring new levels of efficiency,
safety, and compliance.