User Conference Presentations

19th October 2016

Welcome and Overview

NEXGEN Asset Management User Conference 2016. Strategic Solutions for Next Generation Asset Management Utilizing Web CMMS and Mobile CMMS.

Asset Inventory

A New Perspective on Asset Inventory. Asset tracking using an enterprise asset management software (EAM Software).

Work Order

Optimizing your Core Work Order Process.Developing a Preventive Maintenance Program that optimizes the maintenance management program.

Warehouse Inventory

Better organize your warehouse inventory within your CMMS application. Web CMMS and warehouse inventory work hand in hand with the Preventative maintenance and Work Order Modules to a make Nexgen a complete Enterprise Asset Management application.

Stores : Creating Your Online Store

This brand new module takes CMMS to a whole new level, creating a streamlined approach for warehouse ordering for both employees and warehouse managers. The user interface of the Store module is similar to popular online shopping platforms for maximum ease of use.

Client Focus

Facebook Leverages Mobile for Paperless Asset Management Solution.Learn how Facebook uses NEXGEN Asset Management as their Facility Management Software and utilizing Mobile Maintenance Management and Mobile CMMS to meet their Facility Maintenance Management goals. They developed a Preventive Maintenance Program using CMMS iPad to deploy to their facility engineers.

 Advanced Work Order

Learn Advanced Work Order Functionalities to Meet Workflow Requirements. Developing Work Order Maintenance Management program utilizing CMMS Mobile, CMMS Dashboard and CMMS iPad to meet Enterprise Asset Management Software.

Preventive Maintenance

Developing effective preventive maintenance templates in Nexgen CMMS application. Preventative Maintenance is an integral part and Enterprise Asset Management Software. Lots of features in  the new version of this module.

 Purchase Requisition & Cycle Counting

Nexgen CMMS application also can be utilized as a store front for a warehouse managing inventory.  Requisitions made from the store are fulfilled by the warehouse manager in an orderly fashion. Requisitions can also be made from Work Order module. Cycle counting module adjust quantities in the warehouse . This robust features in the Nexgen CMMS application makes it a complete EAM software

Inventory Reorder/Purchase Orders/Receiving

Modules of Nexgen CMMS Warehouse Inventory management program which helps the warehouse managers to keep inventory always updated and order them when go below a specified minimum. Seemlessly generate purchase order for your inventory and send it to your contractors. Receive the Inventory partially or complete and keep your inventory always updated.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

City of Corona Using RFID to Automate Warehouse Inventory Management. NEXGEN leverages RFID technology for Warehouse Inventory Management to meet the City’s Enterprise Asset Management System goals.

Performance Reports

Most Commonly Used Reports .With more canned reports are your fingertips, you can generate a meaningful report in a matter of minutes. Learn more about detailed report descriptions via hovering capabilities, tagging reports as “favorites,” and using grid view to create your own reports in Excel.

Ad hoc and Custom Reports

Creating Meaningful Ad Hoc and Tailored Reports. With Ad Hoc reports you can create your own reports and automatically schedule them to arrive at your in-box. NEXGEN’s EAM developers can also fully customize reports if canned or ad hoc reports don’t your requirements. We replicate any report to meet your exact specifications.

20th October 2016

Customer: NEXGENeration of Customer Management

Use NEXGEN’s CMMS Software to manage and track both Internal and External Customers. Easily create/track Service Requests and link assets directly to Customers through NEXGEN’s robust Enterprise Asset Management Software.

Condition Assessment

Develop a Smart Condition Assessment Program. Learn how to leverage NEXGEN to manage your organization’s condition assessments for all different classes of assets. NEXGEN provides a single normalized database for all condition assessment to help you effectively prioritize maintenance and update the actual remaining useful life of assets.

Service Requests

Learn how to use NEXGEN’s maintenance management software to manage incoming service requests, dispatch requests to appropriate personnel and provide feedback to customers.


Designing Inspection Forms to Manage your Programs. Developing Inspection Forms for Asset Management Software to capture data on asset inventory using Web CMMS, CMMS Mobile and CMMS iPad.

311 Portal

Keeping Your Customers in the Loop Using 311. NEXGEN is excited to announce a brand new online service request reporting tool, 311service. Learn how to set up your online service request web portal and embed it in your organization’s existing website. Customers can submit service requests on map or non-map based versions, and receive instant feedback when the status of their request is updated. Start now at!

Project Management

Build both agile and waterfall style Capital and Operational based projects using NEXGEN’s Enterprise Asset Management Software and maintain a comprehensive rollup of all project budgets, costs, tasks and reports that are visually represented through easy to read graphs, charts and tables.

GIS: Managing Horizontal Assets Through GIS

Asset Inventory/ Asset tracking is the core of Nexgen CMMS /EAM software. Nexgen CMMS can handle Non Linear and Linear Assets . Linear Assets are linked to GIS map. GIS module in Nexgen CMMS application is complete tool to handle all GIS related assets. GIS assets can be added to Work Order , Preventative Maintenance modules directly from the map

Asset Plans

Creating Asset Lifecycle Plans…Where True Asset Management Planning Begins. Asset Lifecycle Planning for Manufacturing Maintenance Software, Fleet Maintenance Software, Facility Maintenance Software and Fleet Maintenance Software.

GIS: Leveraging GIS for Facilities

Using GIS for CMMS, Web CMMS, CMMS Mobile, CMMS iPad for Facility Maintenance Software to track Asset Management.

Funding Forecast

Your crystal ball for funding requirements, exclusive to Nexgen’s Asset tracking software, which allows organizations to plan and support asset refurbishments and replacements and facilitate future funding needs with stakeholders.


Customize your organization’s EAM requirements with NEXGEN’s easily accessible CMMS setup module. Create, configure and troubleshoot all in one place.


Assessing Risk of Assets Using Impact and Probability of Failure Parameters. Enterprise Asset Management Software that will identify risk for true asset management.


Create custom notifications or select from a standard list of those most used with NEXGEN’s integrated CMMS notification system to create a powerful and direct line of communication between your EAM software and it’s Users.

Capital Planning

Scenario Planning & Capital Prioritization. Prioritizing capital expenditures on assets based on risk and criticality.

Scheduling Preventive Maintenance

Nexgen’s Web CMMS Software offers incredibly flexible scheduling options for your Preventive Maintenance templates. Helps you keep higher efficiency of assets with less overhead costs which is a primary goal for any EAM software. Nexgen helps you stay on top of your asset’s condition and keep track of checklists/tasks also. Documents/Manuals can be attached to templates which get carried over to Work orders also.


Nexgen CMMS / Nexgen  EAM can integrate with any application that can send or receive external data. Nexgen API and integration scripts can send and receive data from Asset inventory, Work Order, Preventative Maintenance, Service Request modules


Safety First! Keep Employees Current on Safety Certifications. Use NEXGEN’s CMMS to keep track of required trainings, certifications and CEUs. Learn how to set triggers that remind employees or supervisors when trainings are due.

Backflow Prevention Software module

Introducing a revamped module in Nexgen Asset Management Software to help manage backflow prevention devices and send letters to customers regarding upcoming annual tests, reminder letters and shut off letters. Multiple filter options and great features in your own web cmms for water department! Seemlessly integrate with Nexgen’s brand new Contractor Portal which reduces paper work and automates the process.

Managing Employees, Equipment, Crews

Become an asset management software pro and learn how to use NEXGEN to organize all of your organization’s resources, such as employees, employee roles, users, equipment, crews, trainings, pay rates, and more. Find out how to create a crew to easily attach multiple resources to a work order and track the associated costs.

Contractor: Managing Contractors Through Contractor Portal

A brand new stand alone product from Nexgen for all your contractors to interact with Nexgen CMMS. Helps you manage all the your contractors and let them enter work orders, inspections that can directly reflect into Nexgen’s maintenance management modules.

Creative Thinking: Brainstorm Improvements for Future Releases

Brainstorm Improvements for Future Releases. Collaborating to identify industry best Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS, Web CMMS), asset management software, maintenance management software, facility management software, fleet management software and manufacturing maintenance management software.

21st October 2016

NEXGEN Mobile Movement

Next Generation of Asset Management Through Mobile. Using NEXGEN mobile for CMMS Mobile, CMMS iPad and Mobile CMMS to manage Computer Maintenance Management and asset inventory tracking.

Mobile Asset Inventory Management

Nexgen has a robust Mobile CMMS application that interacts with the same data of the Web CMMS . Asset Tracking is made effortless using CMMS IPad application. The CMMS mobile application make Nexgen a complete Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

Managing SRs Through Mobile Technology

Give your field crew the best maintenance management software in market! Nexgen’s Service request module on CMMS ipad/ multiple mobile platforms helps manage your service requests efficiently from the field.

Work Order Execution in the Field

Use NEXGEN’s Mobile CMMS Software to streamline the execution of work orders in the field and facilitate a Real-Time, paperless process for Receiving, Performing, Documenting and Closing your daily Work Orders through this EAM platform.

Managing Warehouse Inventory Using Mobile Technology

Nexgen Mobile warehouse inventory module works with Nexgen Web CMMS inventory module . Inventory items can be organized, added to the Work orders. Search items using QR Code and barcode scanning. Cycle counting and adjusting inventory functions can be done through this module.

Completing Inspections & Condition Assessments From the Field 

Save time and paper by using NEXGEN’s new mobile CMMS application to create, edit and submit condition assessments and inspections on the go. Powerful mapping capabilities allow users to see which items are closest.

Preview of Upcoming NEXGEN Functionalities & Plans

NEXGEN’s new functionalities on CMMS, EAM and CMMS Mobile.

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