How Can Facility Managers Benefit from
CMMS Implementation

How Can Facility Managers Benefit from
CMMS Implementation

08:00 04 August in NEXGEN AM Blogs

Facility managers bear the responsibility of ensuring that every asset in the facility is well maintained and that it operates optimally. It is a challenging task and they would really appreciate it if they could get a helping hand. Computerized maintenance management systems prove to be a valuable tool which helps facility managers to execute an asset management strategy in an effective manner.

7 Ways Facility Managers Can Benefit from CMMS

Here are 7 ways CMMS can benefit facility managers in various businesses.

  1. More Transparency and Visibility

NEXGEN Asset management software helps in achieving greater transparency and visibility into your organizational processes. You gain more control while working with a maintenance team. In addition, it will help in identifying every individual’s assigned tasks and the tasks that need to be completed. This will also ensure that you don’t overlook any critical aspect or process.

You can utilize the existing data sources and displaying outputs in a simple manner to increase the understanding of the assets and the organization. The software has Business Intelligence Dashboards and reporting tools that help in delivering timely information on KPI statistics from around your organization. You can share the relevant information with your business partners. It is even possible to create KPI reports for decision makers at every level across the maintenance function.

  1. Helps with Planned Maintenance

If you shift your focus to planned maintenance, you will experience fewer disruptions and breakdowns. If the breakdowns are less frequent, there will be less downtime —which is an expensive affair in terms of lost revenue and damage to the company’s brand and reputation. When you implement CMMS, you get relevant tools to schedule and carry out maintenance tasks which decrease downtime and result in both direct and indirect cost savings. You don’t have to rely on your memory to carry out maintenance tasks as CMMS will automatically notify the facility manager when systems require servicing.

  1. Features a Maintenance Request Portal

There has to be a platform where the employees can effortlessly submit requests. Without a CMMS, you won’t be able to track the requests sent in by the employees and risk overlooking an important issue. The work request portal feature in the CMMS allows unregistered users to log work requests when something needs to be repaired, which the facility manager can review and assign the jobs based on priority. When the work request is closed, the system will automatically notify the guest that their work request has been completed.

  1. Easier Reporting and Analysis

You can pull the data quickly and effortlessly from the facility maintenance software for carrying out analysis. This data can be used to identify chronic equipment problems and unacceptable levels of downtime solutions, some of which include regular inspections, preventive maintenance, or spare parts —all of which can be implemented to proactively reduce downtime going forward.

  1. Helps in Tracking Costs

Since you can log the expenses of labor, parts and miscellaneous expenses in an EAM, it ends up being a central database for all the maintenance related expenses. Forget about skimming through receipts and dockets to make a costing report. You can now run one in the CMMS, with just a click of a button, and determine where the budget was spent through the financial year.

  1. Gives Real-Time Alerts

You can send instant, real-time alerts from building control-monitoring systems through the CMMS if any operating limits are breached. In case there are multiple alerts, the CMMS will trigger corrective maintenance and notify the facilities manager immediately, following which they can initiate a proactive inspection before the issue gives way to something more serious.

  1. Ensures Compliance

Preventive maintenance software helps an organization comply with necessary rules and safety regulations in several ways. Safety procedures can be included on all job plans making sure that the technicians are aware of the risks involved. You can schedule safety checks like fire equipment inspections and track them in CMMS to ensure the organization is compliant and ready for audits.

NEXGEN CMMS implementation will be beneficial to facility managers in more ways than one. As a facility manager, you can get more organized by reducing the dependence on memory or paper work by automating many mundane daily activities.

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