NEXGEN Asset Management is the benchmark asset management software in the industry. It the only software in the industry that has integrated a robust Computer Maintenance Management System with advanced asset management functionalities such as lifecycle planning, funding forecast, risk analysis, condition assessment, capital prioritization and service levels. Our software is implemented by asset management experts and supported by a team aiming for the highest level of service. The following are a few reasons of why to select NEXGEN:


Expert Implementation Services.

Our implementation team is made up of expert asset management implementers with significant experiences.


High Level of Service.

NEXGEN’s objectives are to deliver the highest level of service to our clients that meet or exceed their expectations and to provide reliable software solutions with the latest technologies. We will never outsource technical support to third party firm overseas.



NEXGEN Asset Management is designed with the latest technologies and the most advanced features that will ensure that the software will be sustainable, user friendly, scalable, standardized and affordable. The web based software allows easy use and flexible deployment (software as service or locally hosted). NEXGEN AM operates on the industry benchmark SQL Server Database. NEXGEN AM is optimized to operate with mobile technologies.


Proven Software in Industries.

NEXGEN has been successfully implemented and used in the following industries for over a decade.


    • Utilities
    • Facility Maintenance Software
    • Manufacturing Maintenance Software
    • Fleet Maintenance Software
    • Public Works
    • Health Care
    • Distribution
    • Retail
    • Academic


    Continuous Training and Collaboration.

    NEXGEN offers free training and webinars regularly for our clients. Annual conference and user group forums allow clients to collaborate and expand their knowledge of NEXGEN Asset Management




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