Maintenance Management Software

Robust functionalities and easy to use maintenance management software to effectively manage benchmark operations and maintenance programs!

NEXGEN AM’s Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) functionalities are developed based on our experiences as consultants implementing numerous types of industry CMMS software. Our experiences have allowed us to build a feature rich product that is user friendly for maintenance management. Our Maintenance Management Software enables the users to effectively manage maintenance programs through the following modules:

Service request
Work order
Preventive maintenance
Parts inventory
Performance management

Since NEXGEN AM combines the maintenance management system and asset management functionalities into one program, all the maintenance histories are seamlessly integrated into the asset management modules such as risk prioritization, funding forecast and condition assessment. In the past, all of these functionalities had to be provided through separate applications and tools that were difficult to sustain. NEXGEN AM’s robust maintenance management software presents all of the benchmark CMMS functionalities while seamlessly integrated with asset management modules to provide managers information to make good asset management decisions.

NEXGEN AM’s CMMS maintenance module includes work orders, preventive maintenance, scheduler and project management.

Work Order Highlights

Robust CMMS functionalities to manage industry benchmark operations and preventive maintenance programs.
Seamlessly integrated with asset management functionalities to generate risk prioritizations, funding forecasts, condition assessments and performance reports.
Labor, vendor and contractor management.
Parts and equipment tracking features.

Preventive Maintenance Highlights

Automatically generates cyclical work orders either based on schedule or operating hours.
Using Preventive maintenance software, work orders can be generated for multiple assets for streamlined data capture.

Scheduler Highlights

Easy to manage workload for departments, crews or individuals based on monthly, weekly or daily calendars.
Visual calendar with powerful features to modify and update work.

Project Management Highlights

Allow users to track work orders; and the preventive maintenance software helps to break down cost on accounting or billing purposes.
Comprehensive project management features to manage budget and progress of projects.