Resource Management

Comprehensive resource management results in better planning, more accurate costing, and more efficient management of assets.


NEXGEN Asset Management’s resource module has seven major components: Labor, Vendor/Contractor, Timesheet, Training, Equipment, Parts Inventory, and Purchase Order. This module helps managers effectively manage necessary resources in real time to support their asset management program.


Labor Highlights


  • Training tracker to monitor employees’ training and certifications
  • Ensures safety and regulatory compliance for risk management
  • Easy to update employee information
  • Ability to manage employee schedule and workload


Vendor/Contractor Highlights


  • Assign parts to preferred vendors for easy ordering of parts
  • Track contractor information and rates for outsourced projects


Equipment Highlights


  • Track equipment to be used on work orders
  • Assign hourly equipment costs to work orders


Crew Highlights


  • Create crews comprised of labor and equipment
  • Use of crews allows for more efficient workload scheduling


Timesheet Highlights


  • Time entered into service requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance activities are automatically generated into employee timesheets
  • Timesheets can be integrated with financial information systems
  • Employee timesheets will match the actual work completed


Training Highlights


  • Training tracker monitors employees’ training and certifications
  • Ensures safety and regulatory compliance for risk management


Parts Inventory Highlights


  • Real time parts inventory integrated with maintenance management system
  • Smooth purchase order and receiving processes
  • Supports multiple static and mobile storerooms
  • Can be synchronized with the organization’s financial system parts inventory if necessary
  • Bar code features to support scanners for quick parts check out and reconciliation processes


Purchase Order Highlights


  • Parts that are low in quantity automatically trigger purchase orders that are linked to the preferred vendors
  • Generate purchase orders and parts received for updates in the parts inventory
  • Track costs from multiple vendors to find the most competitive pricing